Fremont Hornets Welcome You to our "model" world !


You'll have to wait and check back to see. President's birthday month, hehee


About Us

We're a San Francisco Bay Area model club dedicated to the promotion of the hobby of scale modeling. Our roots reach into the Canadian IPMS and the original British Plastic Modelling Society. We are a proud chartered chapter (since 1977!) of the IPMS/USA. Our meetings are always open to first time visitors (membership is encouraged) Our membership of builders is diverse and our meeting atmosphere ranges from the sublime to the raucous.

So come prepared to have fun and ENGAGE!. 

Our club motto: "Come for the Models, Stay for the Sarcasm"

Meetings: IPMS/Fremont Hornets meets the second Friday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Irvington Community Center in Fremont. The full address is 41885 Blacow Rd. Fremont, CA

Contact Info: Web Editor (Mick Burton) 

Our Next Meeting: February 13 2015

We often work on models (aka "buildfest") together during the meetings if not otherwise planned. However, it's not required and we're limited to light duty (no airbrushing, heavy sanding or other debris/noise production tasks, finicky/highly odorous chemicals, etc) Visitors are welcome to fit right into this, ask a member for details. Model talk is always a feature and you  can also expect most often a monthly raffle thanks to effort to get fun items by one member and the ticket selling by another

Our appreciation always to Al at Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro, who's a great supporter of our hobby and Hornets

Latest News You Can Use (January 24 afternoon)

DIVISION of effort? YES ! The "GALLERY Site" is magnificently up at link. OUR MAIN PHOTO GALLERY ARCHIVE and easy to use!

"WEB SITE IN EXILE" (here) at  IS CURRENT MAIN INDEX SITE for all Matters Fremont Hornet. SO Bookmark !

 AT THE HORNETS ANNEX - UPLOADED  Model of the Month winners for 2014, RESULTS of  TC-1, 2, 3, 4 & 5  !!!

01-20-15 Editor PUBLISHED Buzz # 28 ! 

 SEE our calendar of events, as currently planned now our MARCH 2015 Nest will be Display & Model Talk only

                                                           NNL WEST's 2015 SHOW IS NEXT  SATURDAY

To all, an appreciation for another great year of community in scale modelling, and here's to 2015 being even better !



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